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Are you looking for a practical and affordable way to transform the way your home or commercial property looks? While renovations may be the first thing that comes to your mind, it’s usually a very costly road to go down. Why not consider a change to your indoor space that’s not only cheap, but also will make a huge difference visually without a huge amount of effort?

One of the biggest stand-out features in any residence or place of business is its indoor blinds, and when you’re in need of exceptional quality at wonderfully cheap prices, you can’t go past Yes Blinds. Based in Australia, we proudly provide an incredibly straightforward way for you to choose the perfect solution for your needs, and our experienced team of window furnishings experts are always more than happy to assist if you so require their services.

How to choose blinds or window furnishing for your home

Yes Blinds specialises in Interior Blinds. We can supply ready made or custom made which we refer to as made to measure. When looking at your home in terms of replacing or installing window treatments, you should consider the following factors:

Blinds that suit the style or decor of the room or home

This is one of the critical decisions that you need to make. What age is your home and what furnishings do you have. Is your new blind going to be in keeping with style and is it going to enhance the room visually. If you need assistance here, have a look at our gallery or interiors magazines or reviews of these blinds. Yes blinds offers ranges of roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian, honeycomb concertina blinds and vertical blinds. Each of these has its own unique style and aesthetic impact on a room from both inside and outside. A white wooden venetian blind or roman blind would not suit a modern scandinavian interior and a colonial home will not suit vertical venetians.

Blinds that consider the room usage and what is most appropriate

Your kitchen, your bedroom and your bathroom all have unique requirements and sometimes a requirement for a day and night solution.
Your kitchen may want to maintain natural light while reducing glare and may require a translucent or sunblocking shade. The bathroom may also require natural light while increasing privacy. A solution for this maybe a dual roller blind, duo or double roller blind, so that you can dictate privacy when it is dark outside.

Blinds which suit the direction the room faces

A northerly facing room is going to get considerably more sun exposure and a northerly facing bedroom will require a black out solution or blockout blind.

Selecting blinds for privacy or light management

We offer solutions for both these requirements across most of the styles of blind.
For Privacy we offer a sheer, translucent opaque and for light management we provide the popular double or twin roller solution

Are the blinds suitable for the privacy you require

If windows in your home are visible from the street or adjoining properties, you will need to consider how much is visible through your opaque or translucent choice and upgrade to a double solution or strengthen your blind to something that has a more sheer effect

Are the blinds for a window or a door?

Sliding doors are a big consideration as you are in effect dealing with a window that moves, and that you need to walk through without having to bend down. For obvious reasons a horizontal timber slat blind or roller blind or any pull down blind is going to be unsuitable. This is where your vertical venetian or panel blind is most suitable and able to elegantly provide privacy and easily open or slide away to allow access to the door, whether is single sliding, french or bifold door.

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If you have any questions regarding one or more of the indoor blinds that we have available to buy online in Australia, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 30 88 44 to chat directly with one of our helpful staff members. You are also welcome to send us a message online using our contact form, and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible.